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SPIN provides for our county the missing link.”
Even a year and a half after SPIN training, I use it every day.”
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SPIN Video Interaction Guidance® is an internationally evidence-based and relationship-based model for direct service, teacher training, staff development and leadership that improves practice, educational outcomes, family functioning, child well-being and program performance.

YOU KNOW what you want to do — improve family functioning, improve teaching/learning, support staff development, enhance client outcomes, strengthen your teams and your organization.

SPIN VIG is the tool to learn HOW to do what you want to do:  

How to parent. How to teach. How to supervise. How to lead

As a non-profit training institute, we provide training in SPIN Video Interaction Guidance in the following areas:

    SPIN VIG for Parent Coaching and Family Therapy: Psychologists, Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Parenting Coaches, etc.

A strengths- and relationship-based family intervention that focuses on the HOWs of parenting – the ways in which parents ‘parent’ – to improve parent-child interactions that strengthen attachment, family functioning, and parents’ capacity to nurture the well-being and healthy development of their children in every domain.

    SPIN VIG for Teacher Training: Principals, Mentor Teachers, Center Directors, Trainers, etc. 

A strengths- and relationship-based reflective supervision/practice tool that targets the HOWs of teaching – the ways in which teachers ‘teach’ . It increases teacher sensitivity and language stimulation in order to ensure school readiness in our youngest children and develop students who are independent learners, thinkers and doers who can persist in any learning situation.

    SPIN VIG for Staff Development and Supervisor Training: Supervisors, Trainers, etc.

A strengths- and relationship-based reflective supervision/practice tool that targets the HOWs of supervision – the ways in which supervisors ‘supervise’ – in order to improving program implementation, model fidelity, practice, performance, and client outcomes.

    SPIN VIG for Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Leadership Development: EDs, VPs, Department & Program Directors, etc.

SPIN VIG executive coaching targets the HOWs of leadership – the ways in which leaders actually lead – to develop strong, productive teams and realize concrete improvements in performance, goal achievement, client outcomes and staff morale.  SPIN VIG informed leadership gives you the edge to create an agency culture based on strengths and accountability- transforming not just your own leadership and team, but the organizational culture itself.

Initially developed by a team of Dutch psychologists led by Harrie Biemens in the 1980s, the VIG method is now being used by more than 5,000 practitioners worldwide.  It has produced remarkable results in a broad range of fields such as early care and education, special education, K-12, child welfare (foster care, family reunification, supervised visitation, prevention, Team Decision-Making, etc.), pregnant and parenting teens, family therapy, fatherhood, trauma informed practice, and home visiting, among others.

Video Interaction Guidance
A Relationship-Based Intervention to Promote Attunement, Empathy and Wellbeing
Edited by Hilary Kennedy, Miriam Landor and Liz Todd

This is the first English language book on this evidence-based model and its range of applications.  Written and edited by our colleagues at The Association for Video Interaction Guidance in the United Kingdom (AVIGuk), this book is available at a 25% discount directly from us or at the standard price through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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