Training Basics

We work in real settings, to develop real skills and effect real change.

In this section, we provide an overview of the common elements and objectives of all our training programs.

Agencies and schools often choose to implement several training programs simultaneously to build a stronger, truly integrated strengths-based practice throughout their organization. For example, a child welfare agency can decide to implement strengths-based training for its management, supervisors and staff, as well as a direct service tool for families. This multi-prong approach is the fastest path to introduce or strengthen strengths-based practice throughout your organization.

If you would like to discuss training at your site, contact Terri Pease at or call (978) 371-3120.


We offer both direct or train-the-trainer programs. In the train-the-trainer-program, SPIN USA helps build your organization’s internal training capacity by training and certifying one or more key staff to use this powerful tool to strengthen performance at every level of the organization, including the key staff’s personal performance.


   Parent Coaching & Family Therapy

We train social workers, psychologists, clinical and other family support staff to use our specific strengths-based practice model to work directly with families.

This train-the-trainer program leads to certification in Video Home Training (VHT).

Sample settings include home-based intervention through:

  • Outpatient Mental Health Services
  • Intensive Family Intervention
  • Parenting Training


   Teacher Training & Staff Development in Education

We provide training to educators in early childhood through secondary school settings. We offer two programs:

Educational Leadership Training – We coach principals and heads of schools to improve their own leadership, supervisory and team building skills. This is a direct training model.

Teacher Training – We train principals, heads of schools, and lead teachers to use our specific strengths-based training model to work with teachers to improve classroom practice. This train-the-trainer program leads to certification in Video Interaction Guidance.


   Staff & Supervisor Training & Development

We offer two types of staff training. Besides our core staff training and development course, we offer an Advanced Facilitation training course.

Staff Training & Development

Facilitation Training – This training program for social workers strengthens the facilitation skills necessary to lead complex meetings that have as a goal consensus decision making by a diverse group of participants, such as team decision making (TDMs), Family Group Conferencing (FGC) or Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Teams (MDATs).


   Executive Coaching, Team Building & Leadership Development

For managers and supervisors we offer two options:

Management Coaching – We coach non-profit executives, managers and supervisors to improve their own leadership, supervisory and team building skills.

Supervisory Training – The supervisory training program trains non-profit executives, managers and supervisors to use our specific strengths-based training model to improve the leadership, supervisory and team building skills of their management staff.
This train-the-trainer program leads to certification in Video Interaction Guidance.



SPIN®USA provides training to the leadership, supervisors, and staff in schools and social service agencies.

Ordinarily, we do not train individuals and families directly.


If you are looking for a program that will transform practice in your school or organization, then SPIN®USA’s training is right for you. We provide direct training and train-the-trainer programs.

We offer on-site, job-specific, results-driven training that leads to lasting improvement in performance and outcomes.


The planning meeting
A senior SPIN®USA trainer discusses with you the design and implementation of a training program that fits your organization’s needs, programs and organizational structure.

Introductory training course
Selected trainees attend a three-day intro course.

Monthly training
Trainees immediately begin using the Basic SPIN Cycle of taping, analysis and feedback. Structured individual and group training/supervision takes place on a monthly basis.

Trainees enrolled in a train-the-trainer program can receive certification.

Above: Social Worker Richard Allen (r.) is working with SPIN trainer Terri Pease (l.) to become a skilled video home trainer.

They are reviewing clips of a father’s reactions to seeing a videotape of his interactions with his sons, who are in foster care, during a supervised visitation. Richard is working with the father, who wants to regain custody, to help him understand the positive effect of him responding to his sons’ initiatives.


The core of all SPIN training and practice is a basic three-step process.

Taping – Make a short 10 minute on-site video.

Analysis – Analyze and edit the video to assess strengths, set training goals, plan feedback.

Feedback – Show selected video to highlight and review strengths, build competence and enhance motivation, and teach skills in detailed one-on-one coaching sessions.

Depending upon the setting, as few as four SPIN cycles, or as many as 24 can be used to enhance leadership, develop stronger teachers, improve practice, and strengthen families.


All of our training programs are delivered on-site, focusing on each individual’s real work or home setting. Individuals are videotaped at work or home. This enables us to identify, analyze and build concrete techniques and skills that support improved performance and best practices specific to each role. Skill development is keyed to the individual’s tasks and responsibilities. It builds on that person’s unique strengths and capacities.

SPIN®USA’s methodology is built around a developmental model in which detailed skills are organized in clusters along a hierarchical ladder. Each cluster serves as a prerequisite for the next step on the ladder.

Strengths-based practice is not mere jargon for us. Instead, it serves as the foundation of a precise and detailed strategy for improving teaching, staff, management and family effectiveness.

Immediate and long-lasting impact
The impact of SPIN training is seen immediately. Trainees begin using the model and seeing its impact right after their first introductory session!Becoming proficient in these methods takes time, but the impact of SPIN training begins to be seen right away.Unlike traditional training workshops, SPIN training has clearly identifiable, long-lasting positive effects on day-to-day skills and practice.