Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


SPIN is the Dutch acronym for “Stichting Promotie Intensieve Thuisbehandeling Nederland”, which means the Association for the Promotion of Intensive Home Training in the Netherlands. As such, the acronym reveals the Dutch origins of the model. Worldwide, there are about 5,000 certified practitioners of  SPIN Video Interaction Guidance® (also known as Video Home Training and VTI in other countries).


Strengths-based practice focuses on what an individual is already doing that is successful. The goal of all interactions is to identify and augment every individual’s strengths and resources. There is an expectation that strengths exist both in the individual and in his/her larger environment. The individual and the professional work in partnership to determine how to corral and best utilize these resources to build lasting change.

Strengths-based practice offers a clear alternative to the usual deficit-based approaches that focus on the diagnosis, analysis and treatment of dysfunction to remediate or “fix” problems.

A fundamental element of all strengths-based practice is the identification and analysis of capacity and potential to build hope, motivation and the sense of competence that are the essential building blocks for change.